Meet our team

profil picture Medhi Smaël

Mehdi Smaël Berahal


A visually impaired entrepreneur with a passion for enhancing accessibility. Leveraging his background as a freelance self-entrepreneur, project manager, workshop facilitator, accessibility tester for games and applications, as well as a gamer, he brings a wealth of experiences to the table.

profil picture Benjamin d'Hardemare

Benjamin d'Hardemare


President of the Planetic Group, a start-up studio specializing in the creation of social enterprises, with over 10 years of experience in social entrepreneurship.

profil picture Gwendoline Michelet

Gwendoline Michelet

Digital Accessibility Project Manager

Specialist in disability and accessibility issues

profil  picture Amadou Araman

Amadou Araman

Unique accountant

profil picture Sabine Artru

Sabine Artru

Project Manager