Make your Escape Games experience more accessible

We have designed an accessibility companion to make Escape Game rooms more inclusive for individuals who are visually impaired or blind.

un non-voyant dans un Escape Game
illustration Escape Game

👨‍🦯 Expand your audience

✅ Without any changes to the room or scenario

🤝 Enhance your societal commitment

How does it work?

This new step towards inclusivity in Escape Rooms comes in the form of an interactive private digital document embedded by the player. The accessibility companion enhances the user's experience.

The user will need to bring their smartphone with access to their emails and headphones if they are using a screen reader.

The service includes :

  • Assistance in creating the digital accessibility companion document (concept, design, review, and refinements).
  • Engagement of a qualified tester to test the room with the accessibility companion in a real-world scenario, integrated into a team of non-disabled players.
  • Support for communication to the target audience (optional, additional cost)